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Art by Bryan has been catering to patent agents and attorneys since 1999. We specialize in design and utility patents. Normal turn around time is 7 - 10 business days. We can do rush drawings as well.
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3D Praxis Studio is a well-known architectural rendering services that can help you grow the business with awe-inspiring photography & model services. We pride upon introducing ourselves as the leading 3d rendering company to make your jobs done completely and with satisfactory output. We have smart & well-equipped experts who can deal with the job effectively. You can contact us at any time and we will be there to help you.
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ABC’s SharkTank, Kickstarter and Indiegogo have all featured our Award Winning product designs (Bedjet - over $1.3M raised and Coolbox nearly $1M raised)

We provide Industrial Design, Engineering and Production Quality Prototypes at competitive rates with fast lead times.

If you need low or even high volume production we can provide ISO certified and quality implementations.

Check our website at and give us a call.
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ValuEconomics, Inc. provides expert opinions on economic damages, valuation of businesses and other economic and financial issues. Dr. Kamin also can organize comprehensive financial-analysis and valuation services to address issues to provide a one-stop solution. Visit our site for all the details!
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Albert Bordas, P.A. is dedicated exclusively to intellectual property matters including patent, trademark, and copyright law. We serve clients in the prosecution of US and foreign patent and trademark applications, protecting and managing intellectual property, negotiating agreements, licensing, and litigation matters. Our firm provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to protect our clients' invaluable business interests in the United States and throughout the world.
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We provide with timely information and an array of resources concerning the invention process from conception and legalities to manufacturing and marketing. Open to all who are interested — inventors, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and investors all have much to gain from membership in this organization.
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we have gatherings to collaborate, interact, inform and learn about inventing and entrepreneurship.We provide monthly meetings where members can meet and discuss their ideas, problems and solutions, talk with community resource members, and hear guest speakers talk about their real world experiences.
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We are dedicated to creating vital, targeted, unforgettable advertising compaigns for every facet of the entertainment world.
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Great idea? What next? Are you looking for trustworthy help to get your invention developed, patented and on the market? We know how you feel; we have been right there! Now, as successful inventors, we help you to find success without being scammed by invention promoters. Developing, protecting and marketing can be confusing, but we are here with answers!
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We provide prototyping, Patent Searches, marketing, licensing and sales services.
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We promote product invention, new ideas, and innovation within Arkansas state. If you are an inventor, have an idea, or are just interested in innovation, please consider joining our group!
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AIM assists individual inventors and small entrepreneurs with their inventions and invention development. A website for your product is a powerful tool to promote your idea/invention/product to potential investors and to potential wholesale buyers as well. We will support you in website develpment and web design for promoting your inventions / products.
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