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Design and Art services for product development. Everything from conceptual drawing to presentation proposals.
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MC3D provides mechanical design services and manufacturing consulting to small business, venture capital firms, intellectual property attorneys and independent inventors. We specialize in the design of plastic components and consumer type manufactured goods. Our team will work with you to develop and implement your product, while improving areas of manufacturing, cost and product life-cycle. Concept development, project management, DFM, 3D part design, Patent Drawings & Technical Documentation
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Specialize in 3D rendering & architectural rendering service. Advanced photorealistic 3D visualization for interior & exterior. Contact us now!
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Platform Product Design is a small and versatile product design & engineering studio based in Atlanta, Georgia. With our scalable network of designers, engineers, and manufacturers, we offer a lean and affordable solution to new product development and prototyping for small startups or large corporations.
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Full service licensing agency representing brands, trademarks, patents worldwide. Specialists in food, patents throughout Europe and Asia.
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In The Now, LLC is a multi-faceted entrepreneurial enterprise with a focus on product development engineering consulting, post graduate mentoring and education (online, workshop and university level). We mainly help entrepreneurs and inventors turn their product ideas into tangible products that are manufacturable and ready for the market. This includes competitive analysis, aesthetic improvements to help your product standout, developing 3D, cost analysis and providing manufacturing direction.
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Product illustration and design. I handle all aspects of creating the image you need.
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We are a mechanical design company, and we pride ourselves on the enthusiasm we bring to each of our client’s projects.

- Prototype development and design
- Mechanical problem solving
- 2D and 3D Drafting (Solidworks 2014)
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Technomeet is best and leading web solutions provider company in india offering web design,website development,PHP web Development,Magento Ecommerce Development. Hire SEO Professional with quality work from our expert professional team within affordable rates, designers and developers available on hire, software design and development.
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Piton Engineering is a product development firm that designs products for a variety of markets.

We can help with:

* industrial design & concept images
* mechanical design & drawings
* electronic design
* PCB design
* rapid prototyping
* patent, marketing & 510(k) drawings
* reverse engineering

Since 1988, we've helped dozens of Orange County companies design profitable products. Call us to discuss your project.
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Premier Plastic Molding & Tooling, Inc. is the premier plastics technology manufacturing company in the Southeast. With over 40 years of experience, we offer unmatched plastics manufacturing knowledge with the ability to offer quick, accurate, high quality service.
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We are a non-traditional law firm specializing in intellectual property legal services. Our primary focus is on helping clients grow through the strategic use of global intellectual property including technology collaborations, transactions and licensing.
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peerbackers allows you to harness the power of your crowd – be they friends, family, customers, co-workers, or even total strangers – to get your idea off the ground. This new way of fundraising democratizes the funding process allowing all persons, even those with very little to give, to show their support and be a part of something big (and get a tangible reward in the process!) Another benefit is businesses at all stages of development can get access to the funding they need. Through this platform great business ideas that do not yet have the marketplace traction to attract traditional investment can get the capital they need to launch or to reach their crucial next stage of development.
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Pedersen and Company is a specialized intellectual property (IP) law firm. Our team of attorneys and associates works together across a broad base of expertise to produce cost-effective IP solutions in the areas of domestic and foreign patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret issues, licenses and other contracts, and litigation.
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We provide down-to-earth articles and advice to help smaller businesses succeed online.
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PresentationXpert is a monthly e-newsletter for top professionals in organizations, business and industry. The focus is on how to deliver best of class presentations such as how-to information, trends, case studies, product reviews, new products, tips from the experts, research and other resources themed for the readership
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Ponoko is an online marketplace for everyone to click to make real things. It’s where creators, digital fabricators, materials suppliers and buyers meet to make (almost) anything. We kicked off at TechCrunch40 at the end of 2007 with a vision to reinvent how goods are designed, made and distributed worldwide. The core of this vision is the trade in product designs – kinda like the trade in music (iTunes), photos (Flickr), movies (YouTube) and software apps (iPhone) before us. We host tens of thousands of user generated product designs, ready to be customized and made into real things with the click of a mouse. But hosting designs is only a part of the puzzle. Importantly, we also provide the world’s first digital making system that means these product designs can be priced instantly online and made locally, as close to the point of consumption as possible. It means goods can be made in the greenest way. Making on demand reduces warehousing and wastage. Plus, making locally emphasizes digital transportation of goods instead of the traditional shipping of physical products.
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We provide effective strategy to market your product
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This blog deals with the latest developments in the patent caselaw, patent reform legislation, and the regulatory and other activities of the Patent and Trademark Office
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We provide prototypes for every need, including virtual prototypes, early stage concepts, prototypes that demonstrate functionality and final prototypes that are cosmetically accurate and engineered for production. We have a strong interest in sourcing manufacturing for the products we design & develop. We have complete manufacturing solutions for Plastic, Metal, Electronics, Textiles. Our marketing team can partner with you to create custom project specific presentations, collateral materials such as power point sales presentation and the most professional 3’ x 6’ Trade Show Displays. We also provide patent search for your invention.
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Patents & More, Inc. facilitates new product development, from conception to protection to reception in the market place. This is done by generating, evaluating and crystallizing new product concepts, providing strong protection to those concepts and educating, empowering and guiding clients in bringing those new products to market.

Target clients include growth-oriented businesses with a creative strategy to increase their value through developing an Intellectual Property portfolio, as well as individual inventors looking for a trusted provider of patent-related services.
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We pride our company on providing services for Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Businesses. Whether you need a complete design and manufacturing solution, or a simple prototype, we can customize any of our services to fit within your timeframe and budget. If you are developing a new product, we guarantee you that we have a service to benefit you in some way. Please feel free to call or e-mail us anytime. We can also provide information on complete Patent Protection and Intellectual Property Services.
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