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About this site

Who runs this site?

This site is operated by QuickPatents, Inc., an intellectual property firm specializing in patent resarch and application writing.   The link approval process is strictly up to QuickPatent, and we will remove any listing that gets enough complaints from users, or that is associated (soley as determined by us) with any invention promotion firm.  (We don't like those guys.)

Does it cost money to get listed?

Standard listings are free, but you do have to register so that we know who to contact with regard to your listing.  Featured listings do cost a nominal amount, and up to three featured listings per category may be reserved.  For fees, please see the link below for advertising information.

How do I change or delete my listing?

To change your listing, your account needs to be associated with the listing.  First, register for a free account on this site.  Then let us know you'd like your account to be associated with a particular listing, and once we make that  link then you'll have full control over how your listing appears.  If you want us to delete your listing, let us know by email (and, of course, indicate which listing you'd like us to delete).  We reserve the right to verify removal requests with the owners of the listings by whatever means we deem appropriate (phone calls, emails, etc.). 

Can I suggest my own site to be listed?

Sure, just complete the "Suggest Listing" form (in the menu bar above).

How do I post an article?

Send it to us in MS Word format and we'll review it... if we like it, we'll post it.  Be sure to provide a link back to your website or other contact information if you'd like people to be able to get in touch with you regarding your article.

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